The New Culture Club presents

International Cat Show
Portland, Oregon

January 25, 26, & 27, 2019
Portland EXPO Center - Portland, Oregon, USA

Championship & Household Pet Cat Show - 3 Days - 18 Rings
Advertised Show Hours: 3-6 PM Friday, 10-6 Saturday & Sunday

The show is now closed to entries. Many thanks to all who entered!

Want to attend the show as a spectator?



Ring Sponsors

Briarglen Ragdolls
(2 rings)

Carchet Chartreux

Cozy and Comfy Coons
(2 rings)

Faerietail Manx &
Facehuggers Devon Rex

FelineCurly Selkirk Rex

Herus Abyssinians - 29 years

Into Wishin NFC


Owhl Scottish Folds

Mistysprings Manx & Cymrics
(2 rings)

Morton McGoldrick, P.S.

MTNest Maine Coons


Rostov Almaz Toybobs
(2 rings)

Rozhenitsa & SiberLove
family catteries

Starlore Exotics

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