The New Culture Club presents Paws Around the World Holiday Inn Portland Airport (PDX) Jan 24, 25 & 26, 2014
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Regular Closing Date:
January 12th, 2020
(or earlier, if full)

The show will be considered "full" when 250 entries are reached and/or when all benching spaces are filled.

There will be NO late pages!


Yes, you can pay at the door. But it'll cost you extra! Only with advance permission from the Entry Clerk may entries be paid at the door, cash only, including a $25 late payment fee.

Why? Because collecting entry fees at the door really slows down the check-in process. Also, the club really needs to collect funds up front: most of our expenses must be paid before the show starts.


Entry information is confidential.
Therefore, please do not ask us who has entered, or whether a particular person or cat is entered.

Cat counts will be announced only AFTER closing!


Please fill out the summary sheet below.
Your name:  
Email address:    
Street address:  
City/state/zip code:  
Best time to reach you:
I am a Junior Exhibitor, or will bring a Junior Exhibitor with me. Junior Exhibitor name(s):

Junior Exhibitor membership number(s):
Benching request (one only, please):  (Please specify only one name)
Number of wire cages needed (if any) Double (45") wire cages:  and single (22") wire cages:   
(Our double cages have an optional center divider. Also, we do have single wire cages)
I would like to clerk. I would prefer to clerk for the following judges and/or on the following days:
I am a new exhibitor. 
TNCC ENTRY SPECIALS — Closing date Saturday, January 12, 2020 Price How Many Total
To qualify for these specials, all entries must have the same registered owner. 
Three 2-day entries + extra half cage (gives you 2 double spaces) $200    
Two 2-day entries + two extra half cages (gives you 2 double spaces)
One 2-day entry + extra half cage + grooming space (gives you 1.5 double spaces) $150    
REGULAR ENTRIES — Closing date Saturday, January 12, 2020
Price How Many Total
First 2-day entry (includes 1 single space) $125
(check box to order)
2nd 2-day entry (Same registered owner. Includes 1 single space.)
(check box to order)
3rd+ 2-day entry (Same registered owner. Includes 1 single space.) $75    
One-Day Entries Price How Many Total
One 1-day entry (includes 1 single space) $80    
Caging & Benching Space Price How Many Total
Extra half cage (approx. 22" x 22" - one single space - limited to ONE PER EXHIBITOR) $50
(check box to order 1)
Grooming space (approx. 22" wide x 30" deep - limited to ONE PER EXHIBITOR) $50
(check box to order 1)
Exhibition/Sale space (45" x 22" - one double space). Available to exhibitors with competing entries only. Limited number available. $100     
OTHER ITEMS Price How Many Total
Extra catalog (one catalog is free with first entry)
Judge/Ring Sponsorship - $125 for 1 day/1 ring

Our ring sponsorships include a custom Celebration Cake, link to your website, VIP check-in, free advertising, and other benefits (including an Extra Benching Request, 2 Lunch Tickets on day of sponsorship, & VIP seats in judging ring). If ordering a sponsorship, please provide the following information:

Judge/ring preference (first choice):
Judge/ring preference (second choice):
Sponsorship/cattery/business name:
(as you want it to appear in sponsor listings; max 50 characters)
Website address, if any:  
(for sponsorship link)
Choice of cake:
Choice of decoration:
Message written on cake, if any

(check box to order)
Donation to TNCC Award Fund (suggested -- thanks)
Special event (info TBA)   

Total owed:

Total amount of space ordered:
(calculated from entries plus extra benching space ordered)

Click to (re)calculate your totals. (Does not submit form.)

$ 0.00

0   double spaces

Comment for entry clerk (optional):
  Payment Method: If there is space for your entries, how will you pay for your entry fees?

  NOTE: To avoid a late payment fee, all fees must be paid no later than January 12, 2020.

To prove that you are a human and not a computer, please answer the following question:

How many feet does a cat normally have?      

By entering this show, I agree to the following terms:

  • I understand that entry fees and all related services are due and payable within 24 hours of entering the show. I understand that submitting this form constitutes an agreement to pay for the services ordered, even if I withdraw from the show or fail to bench (attend the show).
  • I will pay all fees due in U.S. Funds via PayPal payment to:, or by check or money order payable to "TNCC" or "The New Culture Club". $50 will be charged for NSF funds.  
  • Only with advance permission of the Entry Clerk may entries be paid at the door, cash only, plus a $25 late fee. 
  • My cats are entered at my own risk.
  • If I have any changes, I will contact the Entry Clerk immediately.
  • I will abide by and uphold the rules of TICA and the Show Committee.
  • There are no refunds. However, substitutions may be made, as long as info is received by closing.
  • Any excess payment is considered a donation to the show.
  • Ring sponsorships are subject to the sponsorship terms listed on our Sponsors page.
  • Neither the New Culture Club, Holiday Inn, nor TICA may be held liable for loss, theft, or damage to animals, personal property, exhibitors, or their guests.
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